“The words manifesto and manifest come from the same root word and reflect the reality that the words we say frame our world. Discover Jesus’ manifesto and important truths that should be reflected in your own.” – Lenita Reeves

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The Divine Purpose Manifesto Inspired by the “I Am” Statements of Jesus

Despite offense, Jesus declared who he was. Are you declaring who God says you are?

In the face of accusations and threats from the enemy, people of divine purpose must boldly proclaim who they are, even as Jesus declared, “I Am.” This book illuminates the “I Am” statements of Jesus, the underdog status from which he pronounced them and the reality of Sonship he purchased for us with his own blood. He came into the world as the Son of God, but his own received him not—they did not believe that he was who he said he was.


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Nevertheless, he proclaimed his manifesto, “I Am.” In this book, you will discover the power of those statements. Then, with new faith in your own status as daughter or son of God, you will proclaim your own manifesto.

You too will be empowered to overachieve—to do greater works, in Jesus name.

This book will help you:

  • Discover essential keys to the manifestation of divine purpose in your life.
  • Unlock the power of Jesus’ “I Am” statements in your life.
  • Proclaim your manifesto!

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