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Jehovah God, the great I AM, is concerned about the daughters of Zion. I AM 4 Woman is a program of PurposeHouse Ministries/Christian Counseling (PHCC) and exists to bring healing and support to sexual assault survivors. PHCC will provide curriculum for church-based sexual assault support groups, peer advocate training and rape prevention seminars throughout the world. One in 6 women in the United States is a victim of sexual assault. They are your congregation members, coworkers and acquaintances. Seven of 10 women in African is a victim of sexual assault. You can do something to help. 



Purpose House Christian Counseling’s founder is a rape survivor, ordained pastor, author of Breaking the Silence: The Journey from Rape to Redemption, member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and doctoral candidate in Christian Counseling. Our desire is to work with women groups in the US and the continent of Africa on the subject of sexual abuse. While approximately 36% of women in the United States are impacted by sexual violence, over 70% of women in Africa face this ill with less resources and less support; especially from the church.

This year, April 2014, our founder traveled to Kenya and Uganda as a conference speaker and missionary.  During the trip, she had the opportunity to minister to women in both Kenya and Uganda through local churches.  In both countries God visited His daughters by helping them break free from the shame and rejection associated with sexual abuse.  Jesus Christ Himself brought healing to His people many lives will never be the same.

The Need

Indeed it was a great event; nevertheless, one thing stood clear, the churches have failed these women in addressing sexual assault issues.  Many of the women professed that our founder was the first person to come to their church address this topic in a Christ-like manner.  Indeed, they never felt welcomed to talk about their issues in the church. Due to the shame associated with sexual assault, these women were probably not comfortable seeking help in church and may have seen private NGO’s as their only alternative. Consider how many women set in church week after week shattered, angry and confused with the church, God and self.  The Church is their home, but they can not get the help they need there.  God through His word can heal if we only take steps to address this issue.  PHCC wants to be of help to sexually abused survivors and needs your help in reaching out to sexual assault survivors in the US and East Africa next year.


How Your Funds Will Help/What You Get

With your support, we will be able to travel domestically and to Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa where we will:

  1. ·  Facilitate I AM4 Woman prevention seminars domestically and internationally at campuses, churches and for other organizations. Prevention seminars raise awareness and help men and women better understand sexual assault and take an active responsibility in preventing it. 
  2. ·  Train leaders to implement an 8-week curriculum for church-based sexual assault support groups
  3. ·  Train advocates to support sexual assault survivors and ensure they receive proper care following an assault
  4. ·  Help bring comfort and healing to women who have been assaulted
  5. ·  Empower individuals to become active in their daily lives in the prevention of sexual assault and relationship violence by providing applicable strategies of intervention


The Impact

Who does sexual assault impact?1 in 6 women in America36% of women in America71% of women in AfricaIt could be your sister, your aunt, your mother or your wife. You can and should make a difference. 


With Your Help we will be able to 

1. Equip and mobilize the church to bring healing to sexual assault survivors

2. Elevate the status of women across the globe

3. Partner with NGOs and other organizations for education and prevention

Other Ways You Can Help

Please help us spread our campaign for sharing it on your social media pages, emailing it to friends and family.


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Big Big Thanks for all your support.  God Bless You!