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Illumination: How Seth Godin Said The Best Thing I’ve Heard For At Least The 100th Time

As I read the words, rays of light danced inside my head and then–boom! My heart sank into my gut. Like a trigger pulled back and then released, there was a click. It was as if the two hemispheres of my brain had collided for a mere millisecond and a light switch turned on in my spirit. What’s that called? Illumination.

It wasn’t the first time I had read similar words or heard this particular concept articulated but the arrangement of the words somehow lit up inside me as I read them. Are you ready? Here they are:

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Lenita Guest Blogs for

“Mommy look, Moses has a cape and a glow stick—just like a superhero!” said my five-year-old son as we read a Bible story. I thought, “Yeah, I guess Moses could be a superhero. He did mighty acts through the power of God and rescued millions of people from pharaoh, an evil antagonist.”

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