At Purpose\full, we believe you have been created for a purpose. It’s full of colors, shades, twists and turns; but, like any journey, if you persist and discover the right tools, you will reach your destination. Purpose\full is one of those tools. We share faith-filled stories of twists and turns, insight for maximizing potential and inspiration for your purpose journey.

God’s Purpose in the 2016 Election?

King David had died. It was time for an election. A battle ensued.

Zadok was a priest from the South who was appointed by David. Abiathar was the priest from the North that was also appointed by David. His alliance was to the North…

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Have you conquered these 2 Purpose killers?

it occurred to me that the Christian Church is still filled with modern-day Jews and Greeks. It also occurred to me that these two groups of people represent two major barriers to fulfilling purpose–unbelief and high-mindedness (or presumption and lack of dependency on God).

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