Guest Post: Secrets to King David’s Success

(Excerpt from the upcoming book Crowned with David)

As we move into the beginning of David’s reign as king we see a glimmer of his inner-most character.

The stage is set for David’s rise. Saul is dead, the competing nations, like the Philistines, have just exhausted themselves from war, and David has everything he needs in order to become the next king of Israel.

Instead of marching in and taking what is rightfully his, David does the one thing that has continually set him apart: rely fully on God. Before he does anything, David asks God two questions: What should I do? And where should I go?

The Lord answers him by telling him to go to a place called Hebron. There are many ideas as to why God told David to go to that specific place. Perhaps it had to do with politics or geography. Regardless, I believe the most convincing reason is that the city of Hebron was historically important. It was connected to the lineage of the patriarchs, like Abraham. God told David to go there because He wanted everyone to know that He was continuing to fulfill the promises He made all those centuries before.

Once David arrived, the people of that region crowned David King of Judah. He had finally succeeded.

I cannot stress enough the importance of how David came into his rule. Time and time again, David has opportunities in his story to “skip ahead” and take what has been promised to him. But time and time again he chooses to wait on God.

Don’t forget who is writing your story. When we are lost, confused, and frustrated it’s easier to trust God for amazing things to happen because we are unable to see the next steps that we need to take. It can be much more difficult when things are good, because that is when we think we can take back control of our story.

Whether you are on a mountaintop, or steeped in a valley, wait on God’s direction. He will always take you further than you could have gone on your own.

***Author Bio***

David Ramos is a Christian author and teacher passionate about communicating the life-changing truths found in the Old Testament. He has a degree in Classical and Medieval Studies and is currently finishing a Master’s in Religion (Biblical Studies) at Ashland Theological Seminary. When he’s not writing you can usually find David chasing down the newest food truck or helping his fiancé Breahna plan their wedding (2016).

David and his library currently reside in Cleveland, Ohio. Visit his website for a free gift at

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