Maximizing Singlehood in the Summertime: Seasons, Shifts and Short shorts

Temperatures are rising. Families are taking walks, children are riding bikes and the short-shorts are coming out. It’s spring and summer is approaching.

Spring is a wonderful season. Declarations of new life from fresh, blooming flowers and dancing sun rays fill its days. Couples come out to enjoy the weather at parks and lakes. And singles witness more and more couples hand-holding and strolling.

As summer grows closer, so do the distractions. Men and women shed their winter layers of parkas, turtlenecks and scarves for scanty muscle shirts, tube tops and mini-dresses. Some are adjusting for the weather while others just want attention. And that need for attention can be a big distraction to singles trying to stay celibate and focused in their thought life.

The purpose-minded single can do many things to maximize the spring and summer seasons. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

1.) Travel–for missions. Sign up to take a short-term missions trip during the summer. You’ll spend time planning and preparing which will be a positive distraction. You will also focus on others during the trip. You’ll be giving back and also reap personal benefits of focus and fulfillment. Don’t waste a summer pining away when you can make a difference.

How to find a trip

Your local church may be able to refer you or be aware of an upcoming trip. You can also try organizations like Youth with a Mission ( or Christ for the Nations (

Also, the book Volunteer Vacations by McMillon lists programs that fit within your vacation time.

2.) Mentor. Focus your summer on mentoring a young person in need of a role model. Talk to them about an area they want to work on and set a goal for the summer. You might help with a college essay, tutor them for a tough subject next school year or practice interviewing or resume writing for a job they want. If you are a business owner, consider letting them intern with you. John Maxwell’s Mentoring 101 might be a great source of inspiration for ideas.

3.) Create. What a perfect time to write that short story, collection of poems or first chapter of your memoir. Public libraries sometimes have free EdtoGo online, 8-week writing classes.  Have you been wanting to take a pottery or drawing class? Check your local community college or art studio for classes.

These are just three ideas to prepare for a purposeful summer. What else can you think of?

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