Fervent Fire Book

A scriptural understanding of the pattern of the priesthood is necessary to maximize your prayer effectiveness and change your family, community and nation in the process. Fervent Fire reveals this pattern, which so many New Testament believers fail to examine, and swings open a door of insight to the present-day workings of priests, sacrifices, altars, thrones and angels.

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About Lenita

Everyone has fallen but not everyone gets up. Through fresh insight delivered in an approachable manner, Lenita Reeves inspires readers and listeners to get up. She is the Founder of PurposeHouse Christian Counseling and Executive Director of Prayer Summit International–an ordained pastor, preacher, prolific voice and prophetic intercessor who speaks with transparency, highlighting her highs as well as her lows to show others that God can use the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

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