5 Ways to Help the Hurting Along their Purpose Journey this Christmas

The joy of Christ’s birth marks the Christmas season. But it is also a time of emotional turmoil for many. While celebrating, let’s also remember the hurting, abused and lost. Here are five ways you can touch the hurting this Christmas season, helping them along their purpose journey.

  • Donate gifts to a domestic violence shelter or center. Some spouses, along with their children, will be hiding from their partners this season. They will have to celebrate in secret. Nevertheless, you can get gifts to them through a shelter or crisis center.
  • Feed a family in need. There may be a family in need in your church or community. Even though they may not openly express a need, pray and allow the Holy Spirit to direct you to the right family. Gently and privately, ask them if they would be willing to accept groceries or an invitation to dinner at your home.
  • With permission, give gifts to the children of a single parent (or just give her or him the gifts to distribute at their discretion). Remember, for some, the Christmas season is the time their spouse left the home or finalized a divorce.
  • Encourage someone who lost a loved one during last year’s Christmas season. Be sure they do not celebrate alone and allow them to express their emotions. Encourage them to focus on positive memories and comfort them with scripture.
  • Change your focus. Make sure you build new, heart-warming memories this year. Do not spend money frivolously. Focus on connecting and creating moments that will stir comfort and love for years to come.

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