It’s always sweeter when an underdog wins. Where’re my purpose underdogs at?

Moses, once a palace prince, found himself dusty and dingy from tending sheep in a Midianite, desert town. All the snobby Egyptians thought he was out for the count—a TKO (a boxing total knock out) baby. But he actually found his purpose while running after Midianite sheep dogs. One could argue that this time in the outhouse of life was what most prepared him for his purpose—not all the years of the best education a pharaoh’s money could buy.

Have you ever had an outhouse of life experience? Have you ever felt like a purpose underdog, stuck in a metaphorical wilderness?

Today, our wilderness experiences are different. I dare say that none of us is tending sheep—well, the Internet is far reaching but—for most of you reading this post, your wilderness experiences look different from that of Moses. They are more like this: laid off, newly divorced or headed that way, a nervous breakdown, recently filed for bankruptcy, diagnosed with a scary disease, had a terrible car accident, violently attacked, business robbed and vandalized, abused or betrayed by a beloved family member.

So what do you do when you’re a purpose underdog stuck in the outhouse of life? Well, I don’t have all the answers, but I pose this question. Perhaps, the times we spend in the outhouse of life are what prepare us most for the mountaintop? If you can agree with this, then it makes sense that you and I should take on those times in the outhouse of life with the mindset to do whatever it takes to come out better.

How can you improve? What can you learn? What can you create out of necessity or lack? These are all questions us underdogs should be asking. The answers could be keys to unlock the next business venture, relationship or idea that will lead you to your purpose mountaintop.

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