Women set free in Kenya and Uganda

Before leaving for this missions trip to Kenya and Uganda, I had been praying that God would open a door for me to minister in South Africa because so many women in South Africa have been raped.

To my surprise, I learned that 80 percent of women in Kenya have been raped. I was taken aback but also realized why God wanted me in Kenya and Uganda. He had started putting Kenya in my heart last year and I shared this with a pastor friend from Connecticut that visited our church in Baltimore. She and her husband had done ministry in Kenya for years.

By God’s divine orchestration, I ended up preaching 5 days straight in Nairobi, Kenya and then another 5 days straight in Kampala, Uganda.

In both countries, God visited His daughters, helping them break free from the shame and rejection that results from sexual abuse. Jesus Himself visited our women’s meeting in Nairobi and I can confidently say that there are so many whose lives will never be the same. it was such a humbling experience. It was so encouraging to see God move and but also so motivating to know that there are so many others who still need this message of redemption.I learned of a young girl who had been gang raped in Busia, Kenya by 6 young men. Their punished–to cut grass. In Busia, women are no more than property. The incident actually gained international attention and measures are being taken toward justice. How the world needs this message of redemption.

Remember you are the apple of His eye and God is not please when the hurt of His daughter is healed only slightly. He wants you completely free!

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