3 Pathways to Your Purpose that Might Actually be Crossroads: Passions, Vocation or Calling?

I believe passions are clues to purpose. But are they enough to accurately reveal and effectively pursue purpose? Proponents of the passions approach assert that by identifying, prioritizing and pursuing passions, you move in the direction of purpose. But there are some who argue that identifying passions is not enough because some passions are temporary. Passions can change over time and thus, if the sole focus of your purpose pursuit, can lead you in the wrong direction for long-term destiny.

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It’s always sweeter when an underdog wins. Where’re my purpose underdogs at?

Moses, once a palace prince, found himself dusty and dingy from tending sheep in a Midianite, desert town. All the snobby Egyptians thought he was out for the count—a TKO (a boxing total knock out) baby. But he actually found his purpose while running after Midianite sheep dogs. One could argue that this time in the outhouse of life was what most prepared him for his purpose—not all the years of the best education a pharaoh’s money could buy.

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Finding Purpose in Odd Places

What does a ballet barre have to do with a byline? Oddly enough, I acquired the first drops of courage necessary to embrace the title, writer, while pursuing a graduate degree in Dance Education.

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